Acme Pix

Photo editing and research

About me

I was born and raised in France and came to the U.S. to study Journalism with an emphasis on photo reporting. My photography career consists in celebrity portraiture, album covers, editorial, catalogues, advertising, public relations, fashion, and art documentation.

I came to photo editing from a background in photography and also publishing, print and web. I work like a detective: I sift through a variety of image sources in order to find the nugget(s) my clients need. It can at times be a tedious process but patience is a virtue that always pays off, and I love a challenge.

I value friendship, family, and have respect for all and everything. I like good conversations, different cultures, anthropology, the Sierras, the ocean, hiking, live simply, deeply, richly and organically. I like to go to small music clubs to hear new emerging bands. I enjoy going to art openings, dancing and anything that is clean fun. I appreciate fashion and style, like to take photos and write poetry. I love to travel but not as a tourist.